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Topical Anesthesia

Friday, April 29th, 2011

Topical anesthetics have been used in electrolysis for many years.  Although they provide varying degrees of anesthesia, their main hurdle to is the skin barrier.  Our skin has a great protective function tending to limit the amount of many chemicals(drugs) from passing through it.  The most common topical anesthetics used in electrolysis are:  *Lidocaine, *Benzocaine, *Tetracaine, *Prilocaine and Pramoxine.

Topical anesthetics are absorbed very well from mucous surfaces explaining the rapid and significant anesthesia obtained when they are applied to the mucous surface of the upper lip.  On normal dry skin, absorption is decreased resulting in less anesthesia.  More recently a prescription-only topical anesthetic called EMLA(lidocaine and prilocaine) has become available which is quite effective although not inexpensive.


Updates on advanced education – Aark Advanced Electrolysis

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

2011 – Symposium/Workshop:  Hosted by Clareblend Inc.  May 15&16 – Reno, NV.

This is a 2-day workshop and round table discussions include:

Microcurrent- facial rejuvenation, massage therapy, and pain management

LED light therapy – Skin rejuvenation, acne, pain management(Infrared LED light)

Electrology education

Telangiectasia and vascular treatment protocol

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

Microdermabrasion and Hydra Wand technology with Diamond Tome equipment for esthetics and medical

Layering technology protocol with Dermastart Skin care products with Prana

SpaCeuticals a revolutionary skin-care line created by Dherie Dobbs, President and CEO of Ermastart, Inc.  Cherie

has made it her mission to produce products that rejuvenate the face and body as well as become a catalyst for other businesses

to discover new trends in spa care.


Collagen Injections – How do they affect electrolysis?

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

Collagen is a natural protein that provides structural support.  Clients having had collagen injections usually have sun damaged wrinkled

skin or scaring from acne or other causes.  To date there have been no known undesirable reactions from performing electrolysis on skin

that has been treated with injectable collagen.  Areas on the face that are commonly treated are crows feet (lateral corner of eyes), smile

lines, marionette lines, wrinkles on the upper lip and other facial lines.  It is best to WAIT ONE WEEK before performing electrolysis on

skin that has just received a collagen injection.  Work can be done on skin over one fourth of an inch from the injected wrinkle or scar

at any time.  Electrolysis is not performed on collagen injected skin that remains red and/or lumpy or has any tenderness.  Always, if

a client has any apprehension about if her/ his skin be treated, I always recommend that you contact your doctor.

The Causes of Hair Problems

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

Hypertrichosis is an abnormal amount of hair.  It is usually due to abnormal conditions brought about by disease or injury.

Superflousous hair, excess hair which is NOT abnormal for a person, but is simply undesirable socially.

Two local factors, either together or individually, have the capacity for directly initiating or accelerating the growth of hair:

One is increased blood supply; the other is hormone stimulation.  Increased blood supply merely nourishes existing hairs.

Hormone stimulation tends to follow a normal pattern of appearance in the axillary and public regions, on the face and lastlly

the chest.  These areas have the highest potential, that is, the highest sensitivity to hormone stimulation.

In most cases, hair problems usually surface during puberty, pregnancy or menopause in women.

Two reasons that hair can become more coarse and large in diameter, is through tweezing and waxing.  The root

system becomes like a tree root.  The BEST possible permanent hair removal is ELECTROLYSIS.  Electrolysis has

been the only PERMANENT method of hair removal for over 100 years.



Aark Advanced Electrolysis

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

Permanent Hair Removal – using DC(galvanic), HF (high frequency), and blend
methods. Used on all types of hair color.

Advanced education is a priority to Diane C. Christofferson -Owner, CEO, President of Aark Advanced Electrolysis.  Diane will publish current updates on her advanced education.